Market Opens Friday, May 29th
Kelly King
3:00 PM Fri, May 29

We look forward to seeing you!

Still Accepting Vendor Applications
5:00 PM Fri, May 29

We have openings for more vendors — full-season, half-season, and day vendors. It’s not too late to put in an application! There are openings for: baked sweets, maple candy, mushrooms, prepared salads, smoothies, pottery, veggies from a small-to-medium-sized local farm. Other ideas are welcome too. For details on becoming a vendor, click on the link “Application” in the lower right corner of this page.

Market News
Introducing RFM’s New Manager: Kelly King

It’s been 3 great market seasons for me, but it’s time to pass the torch! I have truly enjoyed serving in this role and appreciate your support of this market. Kelly King, current manager of the Jericho Farmers Market, will be RFM’s new manager. Kelly will be managing both markets.

I am pleased to be handing things off to Kelly, who is passionate about farmers markets and serves on the board of the Vermont Farmers Market Association. Kelly not only already has experience managing some of our vendors, but also grew up in the area and raised four kids here, so she already knows many people in Richmond and our surrounding towns.

Kelly now resides in Jericho with her husband Barry, where she undertakes a variety of homesteading projects, including cultivating mushrooms, baking bread, and gathering wild edibles — and in her spare time also enjoys making music and contra dancing. Please join me in welcoming Kelly to RFM!

Emails to will now be answered by Kelly, though I will also be around during the transition and will be coordinating the music program — and am currently soliciting sponsorships.

Finally, I want to thank the RFM board for giving me the opportunity to serve these past 3 years as manager, and for their time and effort toward ensuring that our community has a strong and vibrant farmers market.

Looking forward to being a customer at the market!

Lauren Esserman

Youth Booth

On the second Friday of each month we set aside a booth for youth with an entrepreneurial flair to sell items that they have either made, baked or grown.

Community Booth

Non-profit organizations are welcome to conduct outreach and raise funds for community causes at our Community Booth.

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