Our Mission

We are dedicated to strengthening the direct connection between producers and consumers by providing an inclusive space for all members of the community to convene over and celebrate local food, artisanal crafts, music and more .

Our dedicated staff and Board members work to sustain the market so that it will always be a point of strength and connection in the Richmond community.

Food Access

We are dedicated to making sure that our offerings are available to all community members. We take cash, checks, debit, credit, and EBT cards. We  participate in two coupon programs that promote food security.

We distribute Crop Cash. Crop Cash is a program administered by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont. The market will be able to match up to $10 of money redeemed from an EBT card. So, if you redeem $10 off of your EBT card, you will receive  $10 in crop cash coupons in addition to the $5 from your EBT card. You can recieve up to $10 in Crop Cash at each weekly market.

We also accept Farm to Family coupons. Farm to Family a program run by the Vermont Department of Children and Families; these coupons are distributed by the Department and are brought to the market by customers who are receive them after they are determined eligible by Department. 

Community Engagement 

We host events, music, and community booths at the market. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were not able to host any events or community booths during the 2020 market season. We hope that this will be different in the 2021 season. Please re-visit our website in the spring to see what our event and community booth capacity will be in the coming season.

Events: Each month we want to celebrate Vermont agriculture with a seasonal appropriate celebration. We invite farmers, agriculture advocates, educators, and community members to join us in both hosting and attending these events.

Youth Booths: Each month during the market season, we set aside a booth for youth with an entrepreneurial flair to sell items that they have either made, baked or grown. Fill out an application and request the Youth Booth.

Community Booth: Non-profit organizations are welcome to conduct outreach and raise funds for community causes at our Community Booth. Fill out an application and request the Community Booth.