Richmond Farmers Market

Fresh, local foods and products plus fun entertainment – good for you, good for the community, good for the environment.

About the Market

Happy ShopperAt the Richmond Farmers Market we focus on strengthening the direct connection between consumers and producers by creating a market for the folks who keep our local food system strong. If we want access to fresh local food and products, we need to support the folks who make it happen.


Our prepared food vendors offer family-friendly dining options right at the Market, while our agricultural vendors make it easy for you to create wonderful meals at home by bringing fresh, healthy ingredients like: eggs, bread, cheese, syrup, honey, fruits and veggies, chicken, beef, sausage, jams, pickles, chutneys, and more to fill out your menus!

Our goal is to provide fresh, local food and products plus fun entertainment – good for you, good for the community, good for the environment!

Youth Booth

Each month during the market season, we set aside a booth for youth with an entrepreneurial flair to sell items that they have either made, baked or grown. Fill out an application and request the Youth Booth.

Community Booth

Non-profit organizations are welcome to conduct outreach and raise funds for community causes at our Community Booth. Fill out a “vendor” application and request the Community Booth.

Payment Methods

Cash, EBT and Debit Cards welcomed. Note to EBT customers: We’ll double your EBT buying power with Harvest Health coupons (up to $10 per market day).

2017 Board Members

Chris Norris, President
Carol Mader, Vice President & Treasurer
Sue Giovannetti, Secretary

Members-at-large: Craig Walker, Lynne Gavin

Market manager: Jake Davignon

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