Join Us!

Do you have untapped skills to share with your community? Looking for a purposeful and mission driven way to be involved? Eager to volunteer? 

Our little market is looking to grow our Board of Directors and create relationships with volunteers. “It takes a village” … you know how the old saying goes – well it goes for the market too! We owe a lot to our amazing board.  

All you need is the spark to give back to your community and a connection to the market. Unique skill sets and perspectives are a plus. Our board and market rely on civic engagement – without it, the market would not happen. 

We made it through what may have been the toughest summer yet and we carried all of our dedicated vendors along with us. Now we are looking for ways to rejuvenate, reinvigorate, and really dig into what we do best – build community by celebrating local business owners/farmers/artists, and by convening over good food. 

Please reach out to Ariana at if you have any interest. Questions are welcome and do not require an immediate commitment. Whether you will join as a board member or volunteer soon or in the future, or decide to stick to your role as a customer – we are excited to have a conversation with you.