We are Hiring! For more information and to apply email Ariana at rfmmanager@gmail.com

The Richmond Farmers Market is seeking  an Assistant Manager. The Assistant Manager is a reliable and dedicated community member who is interested in being a part of the market  for the 2021 season and beyond.  They have strong organization and hospitality skills, and bring their own ideas and enthusiasm for improving the market. 

The Assistant Manager’s primary responsibility is to attend the weekly market and ensure it is successfully organized and executed. . The bulk of the work is during the market season, which begins the last weekend of May and goes through the second week of October. This position is intended to support and work closely with the Manager. The Assistant Manager will physically be at each market to execute the weekly plan and will be recognized by the community as the face of the market! The Assistant Manager will refer to the logistics (such as vendors, youth booths, events, music, and sponsorship) that are pre-organized by the Manager. The Assistant Manager will work roughly 6-9 hrs/week and 120-180 hrs. over the course of the summer season. 

The Assistant Manager and Manager will work together to create a work-flow that allows them both to oversee the market as efficiently and effectively as possible. The Assistant Manager may take on occasional coordination responsibilities if they so choose, once the training process is complete. This cooperative management will provide continuity  throughout the upcoming season and from year to year. The market is hungry for such stability so that it may continue to be and grow as a sought out and revered community resource! 

Assistant Manager Tasks: (M) = task completed at the physical market 

  • (M) Set up the market each week, reorganize vendor spaces as needed to create a visually cohesive market (i.e. “filling spaces” for absent vendors). 
  • (M) Run the EBT/credit card machine at the market, and answer general questions from the public and vendors. Provide Crop Cash coupons to when appropriate. 
  • (M) Collect tokens, Crop Cash, and Farm to Family coupons at the end of each market. 
  • Input weekly token and coupon reimbursement data into a spreadsheet for the Treasurer to access for vendor reimbursement, on a weekly basis. 
  • Record weekly reimbursement data into FM Tracks for reimbursement to the market for Crop Cash coupons. 
  • Submit monthly Farm to Family coupons and paperwork for reimbursement to the market from the State of Vermont. 
  • (M) Support Manager with advertisements by taking pictures and posting to facebook and instagram while at the market. 
  • (M) Send a weekly email on Friday evening (post-market) to vendors requesting electronic revenue reports. Assist vendors who need help with data submission if possible and to process token / crop cash / Farm to Family submissions to the Treasurer. 
  • Participate in a brief weekly phone call with the Manager to prepare for the upcoming market. 

Manager Tasks (Note: the Assistant Manager will be aware of the below tasks but will not be directly responsible for them):

  • Promote market via social media, Front Porch Forum, News Articles, etc. 
  • Organize applications and communicate with vendors and the Board during the vendor selection process. Most of this task takes place pre-season, but we do receive some applications into the season as well. 
  • Communicate with and book musicians / entertainment for each week, within the entertainment budget allotted. 
  • Coordinate weekly “youth” and “community” booth spaces. 
  • Coordinate educational events. 
  • Communicate with vendors on a weekly basis to address questions, concerns, cancelations, and additional attendance requests. 
  • Create a weekly vendor layout for the Assistant Manager to Follow. 
  • Update and manage the website. 
  • Compile revenue reports at the end of the season for reporting purposes. 
  • Support Board fundraising and grant projects.